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Has the Real Estate Market Bottomed in Pinellas County?

It sure looks like the Pinellas market has bounced from the bottom as a whole. Now there are some neighborhoods which went up so fast that they are still correcting. The inventory levels are still coming down and at this pace we could see a 6 months supply by the end of the year, which most experts say would put us back into a sellers market. It would be a week sellers market based on the unemployment rate.

Have you have been sitting on the fence waiting for the prices to get better? If so, you may want to get active in your search for a home.

Also time is running out for the first time home buyers $8,000 tax credit. At this point you want to avoid short sale because they take on average 3-4 month to get approvals and you just don’t have the time!

See the stats for yourself..

mls-stats Aug 09

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