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Deed Notice SCAM

Deed Notice Scam


Home Buyer’s across the country are getting official looking notices in their mailboxes asking them to pay for a copy of their deed. Companies are sending out mailers to home buyers asking for a lot of money for a document you can get for next to nothing. This is not a government agency; they are private companies trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

Two of the companies were contacted asking why anyone should pay a high price for a copy of their Deed, one stated “We offer a service and it’s an optional service. If you’re interested in the service, you can pay the fee and if you’re not interested, you can disregard the letter.” The other company said “We offer this as a convenience for customers. It can be difficult to find time to stand in line at the county recorder’s office. We are just an alternative source for getting the deed.” Counties automatically provide homeowners with their original deed for no cost. Homeowners can also obtain copies for a few dollars at the recorder’s office or even get it by mail. If you receive a notice like this, do not respond this is a SCAM.


If you have questions regarding your deed, please contact us so we can help you obtain a copy.