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March Pinellas County real estate inventory report 2013

March 2013 Pinellas Inventory ReportThe market is moving and the activities are brisk. The changing complexion of the market from this time last year to today has been somewhat dramatic. We have less than 4 months of supply in active listings in Pinellas County.

Our market is comprised of less short sales than it was this time last year in actives and sold listings. Last year in Pinellas county short sales made up 25% of the active listings while this year short sales are only 11.69%. The REO’s have grown in the market this year as compared with last in each of our counties as asset managers have concluded that now is the time to release listings without fear of having an adverse impact on pricing. This is a pattern which is consistent in each of the counties in West Central Florida which we service. I will send out last year’s report to each of our managers to have available for you if you want to study the market year over year with side by side reports.

Click to view the Pinellas County inventory report. March 2013 Pinellas Inventory Report