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Hurricane Preparedness Tax Free Holiday 2014 Ends This Sunday


tax free hurricane


The 2014 hurricane season is upon us and the government is encouraging everyone to be prepared this year and has issued Florida, Louisiana and Virginia 9 days of tax free shopping on specific hurricane survival items.

Hurricane Survival Kit at Home Depot

Hurricane Survival Kit at Home Depot

The Price Group would like to remind all St. Petersburg real estate owners to be prepared this year and every year to not only to protect your investment but your families. Take advantage of the Hurricane Tax Free Holiday 2014 this weekend and stock up on the items listed below. And if you have the means, think about helping a local shelter like CASA or the Alpha House and donate items to these homes that help our local residents in times of need. Your donation is a tax write off and giving just makes you feel great.

The Department of Revenue lists the following items available for the discount until June 8, 2014:

Selling for $10 or less:
• Reusable ice (reusable ice packs)
Selling for $20 or less:
• Any portable self-powered light source
• Battery-powered flashlights
• Battery-powered lanterns
• Gas-powered lanterns (including propane,
kerosene, lamp oil, or similar fuel)
• Tiki-type torches
• Candles
Selling for $25 or less:
• Any gas or diesel fuel container (including
LP gas and kerosene containers)
Selling for $30 or less:
• Batteries, including rechargeable batteries
and excluding automobile and boat
batteries (listed sizes only)
• AA-cell
• C-cell
• D-cell
• 6-volt
• 9-volt
• Coolers (food-storage; nonelectrical)
• Ice chests (food-storage; nonelectrical)
• Self-contained first-aid kit

 Selling for $50 or less:
• Tarpaulins (tarps)
• Visqueen, plastic sheeting, plastic drop
cloths, and other flexible waterproof
• Ground anchor systems
• Tie-down kits
• Bungee cords
• Ratchet straps
• Radios (self-powered or battery-powered)
• Two-way radios (self-powered or
• Weather band radios (self-powered or
Selling for $750 or less:
• Portable generators that will be used
to provide light, communications, or to
preserve food in the event of a power