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More Great News – Tampa’s Property Values Are WAY Up!

Within the last year, the price appreciation for many homes here in the South increased.
Existing home sales in the Southern states climbed 3 percent in the third quarter of this year, according to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, and are now almost 7 percent above the third quarter of 2014.
Specifically speaking, the greater Tampa area has seen a serious increase in home prices – a direct reflection of market value, and excellent news for Florida homeowners. Through a combination of solid job gains, above average shares of vacation and foreign buyers, and little new construction being added, areas in Florida have enjoyed a faster price growth on homes than other areas of the nation. According to the NAR report, prices have jumped an astonishing 20.7 percent during the past year – a remarkable increase.
This rising value is a clear sign that homes in the area are an investment with a great appreciating value. Family, vacation and/or retirement homes’ value will keep increasing due to the demand for these homes, making now a great time to buy. Investing now will let you get into a home at a lower price today as the housing market continues to heat up here in the Florida sun.
Thinking of moving away from the cold and snowy weather? The place to be is Florida! These homes may be the cheapest they will be for a while, so if you’re considering making a move to the Sunshine State, now’s the time to do so. Looking to move out instead? Selling your home in this market is sure to bring you a great price, so make the move you’ve been waiting on and list your home today.
At The Price Group, we can help you find your new dream home or help you get your property out to the many eager buyers looking for homes in the region. We have experience selling waterfront, historic and downtown properties throughout the region, and our commitment to excellence will ensure you have the best experience possible throughout the buying or selling process. To get started with your search or to learn more about selling your property with The Price Group, give us a call today at 727-851-6189.