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The New St. Pete Pier – An Ingenuity and Architectural Explosion

We live in a time where ingenuity and growth begins.  The technological industry flourishes with the demand of the nurturing of the housing market and the building of modern and exotic, architectural structures.  How indifferent they are, as society progresses and while supply and demand for more modern activity and living spaces grow.  So, while in search of a new home, or commercial property, start in the heart of St. Petersburg, FL, with The Price Group offers new and innovated means of finding that right home, for you.  As the Price Group offers plenty of new ideas, in finding a home, it also offers an introduction into the waterfront district, with an ample amount of information, of the new St. Petersburg Pier.

So let’s take a sneak peek of this new and invigorating architectural explosion, one that has come to grow at the base of St. Petersburg downtown area.  It all begins with the New St. Petersburg Pier’s Grand Opening scheduled for Fall of 2018.  As early as 2017, the Pier’s groundbreaking marks the beginning of its construction over Tamp Bay.  Within its transition phase in the Summer of 2016, the design concepts of the District Pier were finalized and the schematic design should be completed in Fall of 2016.
This wonderful and exciting Pier District is for everyone. This new and interactive environment extends itself to visitors of all around.  They come to enjoy this astounding, architectural phenomenon, from our local communities and tourists, to seniors and children, boaters and fisherman, and to nature lovers and fine dining.  One can explore the variety of activities, from various programs that are flexible for all throughout a 3,065’ area Pier.


Some of these areas you may be able to explore are  at the Pier:
•    Fishing Deck/Bait Shop
•    Environmental Education (Learn information about Marine Life)
•    Great Lawn and Event Plaza (See or hear a concert)
•    Flexible Market Square (Shop ‘til you drop places, to purchase gifts and what-nots)
•    Transient Boat Docks
•    Family Park and Play areas, with children’s play area
At the Head of the Pier is the Restaurant Café Observation Deck.  This is just a few of the many venues that are of interest for the occupation of the Pier market sites.  With the many amenities and activities that the pier may offer New St Pete Pier has provided a virtual tour or exploration of the New Pier, courtesy of the City of St. Petersburg, FL.

Here is a list of a few attractions, in the meet and greet information and exploration, of the new Pier District.
•    Fishing (from different level and locations on the Pier)
•    Observation platforms
•    Bike and watercraft rentals
•    Retail and Event Space (Shop or Browse their Retail shops)
•    Restaurants and Cafes (includes: dining options of various venues)

Finally, you can take a minute tour of the infamous St. Pete Pier.  Listed is an overview that the Design Team has set up, of a series of mini videos that also take you on a small tour of the six ventures of the Pier.  Some of these ventures area as follows:
•    Things to do at the Pier.
By:  Chris Ballestra
•    More on the Pier History.
By:  Nevin Sitler
(An overview of his History, compliments of the St. Petersburg Museum Of History)
•    Learn about the Design Teams.
By:  The City Architect Raul Quintana

Now Let’s Meet the Design Team:
There are two design teams that were chosen to create a New “Pier District”. Thus creates an atmosphere which connects the core of downtown St. Pete’s to the waterfront.  This “District” surrounds two projects the Pier Approach and the Pier. Click here to learn more.

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