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Post Irma Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know

Post Irma Insurance Claims

Post Irma Insurance Claims



Post Irma Insurance Claims


Hurricane Irma spared Tampa Bay the massive damage we all feared, but there is still significant damage to homes throughout the area. If you have questions regarding filing insurance claims for damage to your property, we have links and resources you need.


Read your insurance policy thoroughly. Some home owners may have multiple insurers they work with to insure their home against different threats. Be sure to read your policies carefully and call them with any questions you may have regarding the coverage. If you have questions about the process, you can call the Florida Division of Consumer Affairs insurance helpline here.


Call your insurer(s). Even if you have minor damage, call and file a claim. Don’t assume you don’t have coverage for particular damages.


Take photos. Of everything. All the damage and surrounding areas as well. It is important to make sure it is properly documented for your claim. You also want to make sure to take note of who your spoke with when filing your claims, the date, time and answers the the questions asked.


Save receipts. Again, of everything. From alternative living (hotels, etc.) to repairs, your policy could cover more than you think and you could be reimbursed.


For the under-insured: You’re not out of luck. Click here to go to website where you can apply for federal assistance.



More information on assistance programs and other helpful links:


FEMA – Hurricane Irma Assistance and information

City of Tampa on Facebook for the latest updates

City of St Pete for the latest updates

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