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Why Hiring a Licensed Contractor is a Smart Move

Hiring a Licensed Contractor

Hiring a Licensed Contractor


Hiring a Licensed Contractor


You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, move walls, update bathrooms and take advantage of the equity you could be building in your home. If you’ve never done these types of renovations you will probably want to hire a contractor to do the work for you. Keeping the costs down is always important, but the one place you don’t want to cut corners on is hiring a licensed contractor.



It can actually save you money



While paying significantly less for the seemingly same work may seem like a steal, hiring a licensed contractor can actually save you money. Unlicensed and uninsured contractors are able to offer lower prices because they often don’t carry worker’s compensation insurance required by the state. This means that if an employee is hurt on the job in your home you could be liable for missed work and bills due to injury if you go with the less expensive unlicensed contractor.



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Licensing also ensures that they are knowledgeable their field. This can save you money by not only having the work done correctly the first time, but for legal fees in going after an unlicensed person who did shoddy work or did not complete the work paid for. What you’re paying for is more than work, it’s peace of mind.




Finding reputable contractors



The state of Florida has recently cracked down on unlicensed contractors. According to the Tampa Bay Times, 11 people face felony charges of doing work that requires a license without worker’s compensation. There are resources to help you find the best, licensed company or individual to do the work you need. Visit the Better Business Bureau here to find accredited, trustworthy businesses. You can also visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation here. They have a list of work that requires and does not require a license. You can report unlicensed activity here.