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Real Estate Secrets Every Realtor Knows

real estate secrets

real estate secrets


Real Estate Secrets Every Realtor Knows


Greener is Better

It’s no secret that buyer love a move-in ready home. But this doesn’t just apply to the inside of the property. Ensure your yard is neutrally manicured with native plants. Place new grass in patches or re-sod the whole yard if necessary. Pro tip: Give your lawn a fresh mow before showings if possible.


Lost Listings

Your realtor should know that the best time to list your home isn’t the weekend before a major holiday. Most buyers are not searching for homes while traveling or enjoying a nice weekend at the beach. Listing at the wrong time can hinder your chances of finding the right buyer at the price that’s right for you.


Want to know when the best time is to list your home? Contact us today.


Staging, Staging, Staging

It is difficult for most people to imagine themselves living in a home that looks like a storage locker. And why make your buyers work to envision themselves in your gorgeous home? Staging provides potential buyers with the ambiance and romance they need to feel connected and make the purchase. But it’s not all about furniture. Some light music and the smell of freshly baked cookies or coffee make buyers feel right at home.


Honesty is Key

If you’ve been online dating, you know that meeting people in real life can go one of two ways: Either they’re exactly how they described themselves or they embellished just a tad too much. Same goes for listings. You don’t want to oversell your home and disappoint buyers who may have been interested in exactly what your home has to offer.


Keep it Moving

When the market is hot you have to keep your house relevant and in front of as many eyes as possible. If your home is on the market more than three-four weeks, it may be time to consider a price adjustment. Listing realistically from the start will help keep the listing from getting stagnant.


Selling Season is Here

February is the official start of selling season. Holidays are over, homes have been remodeled and buyers are ready to find their next dream home. Season will peak in June, but you don’t want to wait and be beaten out by selling competitors in your neighborhood. Find out what your home is worth today and check out our selling tips to get your home sold, quickly.