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5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips



Spring is finally here. And with it, the annual tradition of cleaning every-single-thing we’ve been neglecting the rest of the year. It can get overwhelming: What do you clean first? Do I have all the right tools? Keep reading to make this year’s spring cleaning simple and easy with our 5 easy spring cleaning tips.



Take inventory


Make a list of everything you want to accomplish. (You can download the sample list to the right, just click to download your spring cleaning checklist here.) After you have an idea of what you want done, take a look at the supplies you have.


For example, if you want to deep clean your carpets you’ll need an upholstery cleaner (you can buy or rent these) and plenty of cleanser You can buy the soap that comes with most rent-able cleaners, or for more eco-friendly options click here. If your mission is to spruce up the garage, you may need paint, new shelving, or pest control items.

Start at the Top


When you start your spring cleaning adventure, we recommend starting, literally, at the top. Dusting ceiling fans and other high surfaces after you’ve vacuumed can cause frustration when you get dust on your already sparking floors or other surfaces. Save your self some time and clean the floors, cabinets, upholstery, and washing/spot treating any area rugs last.



Hire Professionals


Feeling too overwhelmed? Don’t have the time? You can hire a reputable cleaning, pest, and maintenance services to help. Not only will they not miss a speck of dirt, they may also catch things you might have not thought of like cleaning the fridge coils or checking the efficiency of your washer and dryer. Have questions on who to hire? Contact us for our recommended professionals.



Don’t Forget the Outside


We spend a lot of our time indoors, so when we think of spring cleaning we think of all the things within our walls. If you have a pool, lawn, shed, detached garage you may want to pay attention to those as well. Check to make sure your pool pump is working properly, and set traps/clean out any pests that may have found homes during the winter.



Clean Everything (Even if it Looks Clean Already)


Don’t let “clean” walls or floors fool you. Dirt can build up little by little over time without notice. Take a sponge and mild soap to walls with high-traffic, move furniture and vacuum underneath, wipe down cabinets, and make use of that self-cleaning oven!