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Your home is listed for sale and you and your Realtor just negotiated a great contract to sell it within the next 45 days.  Next up…the home inspection.  While this can be a nail-biting time waiting to find out what the inspector sees as ‘needing repair’ it doesn’t have to be.  Consider completing the following checklist BEFORE the inspection for a smoother result.  Remember, this is all about a win-win for both parties.

Exterior                                                           Interior

Windows/screens                                             Water Heater

Peeling Paint                                                     Showers/tubs

Cracked Caulk                                                   Ceiling fans

Siding/trim                                                        Light bulbs

Deck/fences/pool                                              Electrical

Positive drainage                                             Plumbing

Gutters/downspouts                                        Toilets

Roof                                                                  Safety detectors

Air conditioner                                                Stairs

Garage door                                                     Appliances

If you find a problem that you cannot fix yourself, ask your Realtor for a vendor referral.  We make it our business to know the right people to call for repairs.

For more valuable tips on the real estate process, contact us any time!

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