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February 2022 Pinellas County data

Listings continue to be the issues for Feb 2022, with the lack of inventory and the huge number of new residents flooding the state, home prices are up 21% from 2021. The number of days on the market is down from 2021 by 50% which is putting pressure on buyers to make offers over asking price.

As new homes hit the market, we are seeing multiple offers, in some cases 40+ offers on a home. Buyers are looking for any advantage to win a home today, from letting Sellers stay in the home for days or weeks after closing to zero day inspection periods, I had one Buyer offer a kidney! This is when you know things are getting crazy!

Working with a local expert who has their finger on the market can be the difference between missing out of a home and being a new homeowner. Cash buyers are king in this market! Knowing how to make an offer to compete with a cash buyer or having the backing of a lender who’s approved you to make an offer as if your a cash buyer is a great way to win a home today. Interested in knowing how to make a cash offer even if your going to get a mortgage? call us today.

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