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Gulf Beaches: 77 – $722,640 average list price

St. Petersburg: 380 – $466,301 average list price

Clearwater: 186 – $392,516 average list price

Seminole: 62 – $301,961 average list price

Largo: 92 – $296,015 average list price


Gulf Beaches: 152 – $622,042 average sales price – 66 average days on market

St. Petersburg: 628 – $382,417 average sales price – 38 average days on market

Clearwater: 376 – $297997 average sales price – 39 average days on market

Seminole: 122 – $277,643 average sales price – 25 average days on market

Largo: 181 – $321,912 average sales price – 38 average days on market

Are you interested in more detailed market information?  Thinking of selling your home?  Looking for a new nest?  Curious to know the market value of your home? 

Go to for a list of our knowledgeable Realtors available to answer all of your real estate questions!

Red Apple Group Condo Project

In November, New York-based Red Apple Real Estate announced a $300 million project in the 400 block of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, to include a 46-story residential condominium tower.  Plans are underway to obtain preliminary worksite permits, and construction is planned to begin in 2021.

The 515-foot-tall residential tower will be the tallest building on St. Petersburg and will feature 300 condos, and a glass-enclosed observatory on the 46th floor.  Other amenities will include a library, private dining room, theater room, outdoor terrace with putting green, dog walking area, bocce court, pool and spa, among other amenities.  The development within which the residential tower will be located will include a 20-story hotel, 842-space parking garage, and 25,000 square feet of retail and restaurants.

For more information and to review condominium designs, please contact one of the professional Realtors at Price Group Realtors.

Bridge clearances NE & SE St Petersburg FL

Considering buying a waterfront home in St. Petersburg? You should know about boat access to your property, you don’t want to own a sail boat and have to deal with a fixed bridge or have a center console and not be able to make it home in a storm because the tide is high and your boat is 2 inches to tall to get under the bridge! Bad water access could cost you thousands when it comes to selling your home.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area & looking for a waterfront home call David Price or James Silver at the Price Group. 727-851-6189

St. Pete Delivers!

Tired of meal planning and cooking?  Want to support our local restaurants safely?  Are you craving that favorite ‘go-to’ spot?  Do you know a family in need of food and want to help?  Looking for a way to support our local healthcare providers?

All of these wants and needs are available in St. Pete, right now!  Just click on the following link to browse menus and to see who’s open for business.   Most spots are offering takeout/delivery via UberEats, RubHub, BiteSqaud and DoorDash.

Stay safe friends, we look forward to seeing you face to face soon!

Your home is listed for sale and you and your Realtor just negotiated a great contract to sell it within the next 45 days.  Next up…the home inspection.  While this can be a nail-biting time waiting to find out what the inspector sees as ‘needing repair’ it doesn’t have to be.  Consider completing the following checklist BEFORE the inspection for a smoother result.  Remember, this is all about a win-win for both parties.

Exterior                                                           Interior

Windows/screens                                             Water Heater

Peeling Paint                                                     Showers/tubs

Cracked Caulk                                                   Ceiling fans

Siding/trim                                                        Light bulbs

Deck/fences/pool                                              Electrical

Positive drainage                                             Plumbing

Gutters/downspouts                                        Toilets

Roof                                                                  Safety detectors

Air conditioner                                                Stairs

Garage door                                                     Appliances

If you find a problem that you cannot fix yourself, ask your Realtor for a vendor referral.  We make it our business to know the right people to call for repairs.

For more valuable tips on the real estate process, contact us any time!

Coronavirus Slows, But Doesn’t Stop Real Estate!

The real estate market is definitely not operating in a traditional manner during the coronavirus pandemic but real estate professionals have been working behind the scenes, making it easy for sellers to remain connected with prospective buyers through social media.  Utilizing platforms like YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For people who have been considering selling, it might not be necessary to wait.  One benefit of Americans being home all day is that they are online ALL DAY LONG!  And they’re shopping, not just for the necessities that they’ll be missing but they’re also day-dreaming about a new home, especially after being stuck in the one they have and now see all its blemishes.

We are entering what is usually the busiest season of real estate, that typically lasts through the end of the summer.  Now, the busy season will likely last through to the end of the year.

Momentum is building, there is no need to fear putting your home on the market now.  The minute that people are allowed to take a physical tour, the market is going to boom; and that is on top of the buyers who’re already taking advantage of virtual tours now.  People will be lined up at the doors of those homes similar to the ones they have been longing to see for the past few months.  As soon as our world begins to shift back to normalcy, the real estate market will be at its height, don’t miss the opportunity!

It’s true, home is where the heart is.  Get on-line, shop for your new forever place and get excited about something that’s going to be there when things go back to normal!


Price Group Realtors is working with a new client to list her home after a disastrous experience with an on-line real estate investment company Offerpad!

OfferPad is a company that, in a “simple 6 step process” will determine the value of your home (sight unseen), send you a purchase contract to sign and VOILA…you wait for your selected closing date!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.  Our client, Carolyn felt like she had done her homework before going with OfferPad.  She’d seen their ads on tv, she read reviews on their website and she was encouraged after reading, “OfferPad pays cash so you don’t have to worry about last minute unmet contingencies.”

After receiving her offer and signing the purchase agreement, everything seemed to be going as planned until…SIX DAYS BEFORE CLOSING she received a call from OfferPad that they were rescinding their offer to purchase because “the market is too unreliable right now!”  

During the time they were “under contract”, Carolyn contracted to purchase a condo and put down $5,000 earnest money deposit.  Fortunately, the sellers were understanding of her dilemma and have agreed not to sue her for failure to performance (which they had the right to do) and keep her $5,000 but instead they agreed to a delayed closing, allowing her time to get her existing home sold.  Price Group Realtors is now listing her home for sale, with every reason to believe that we will have her home SOLD in short order.

While working through all of this with Carolyn, we’ve learned more about OfferPad.  They mis-lead their customers into thinking that they aren’t charging a commission but in the fine print of their contracts they are charging 7.5% and building that into the “purchase price” they offer.  What we know is that they are investors and as investors they are in business to make a profit, period.  

For anyone considering using a company like OfferPad to save you the “hassle” of putting your home on the market, or to save money by not paying a commission or to get a quick closing…please look further than their website for reviews, they only put the good ones on there.  Instead, check out a third-party organization as in this link . 

In summary, when deciding to put your home on the market work with a Realtor.  Realtors aren’t just agents.  We’re professional members of the National Association of REALTORS® and we subscribe to its strict code of ethics.

3 Daughters Brewing helping community by using its facility to make hand sanitizer!

Beginning on March 19, 2020, 3 Daughters Brewing is using it’s equipment to provide a vital product for residents; hand sanitizer!

3 Daughters Brewing, (3BD) one of the most decorated hubs for good beer, CBD Seltzer, tasty snacks, and live music is going above and beyond. 

The free hand sanitizer will be available to patrons (one per person) for a limited time until supplies run out.  Anyone who would like to have it can go by the brewery starting Thursday, 3/19 from 10-3 and any day after for as long as supplies last.

3 Daughters Brewing is located at 222 22nd Street South.  Follow #BD on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Stay safe!