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Popular 2016 Home Design Trends

In recent years, home design has become even more important to homebuyers because the style of the home is a much more dramatic statement than the style of a person’s wardrobe – and far less changeable. While many design trends remain relevant from year to year, every year has its own popular trends that rise to the top of the list. Here’s a look at some of 2016’s most popular home design trends to keep in mind as you start looking for your next home or plan any upgrades or remodels in preparation to put your home on the market.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Florida enjoys mild climates all throughout the year, so making the most of the temperate climates has always been and continues to be one of the most popular trends. Creating practical outdoor living spaces that segue into the interior living spaces more seamlessly is incredibly popular now, with enclosed porches and patios a popular option. Covered outside spaces are also popular, whether it’s a sheltered pool area or an awning that protects the patio from rainy weather.  In addition, more and more homes are being designed with the outside at the heart of the layout, with large bay doors that open out to the porch or patio from the living room or kitchen space an increasingly common sight.

KitchenMaking the Kitchen the Center of the Home

Another trend surging in 2016 is making the kitchen the central focus of the home. As the focal point moves from the dining room or den to the kitchen, homes with elaborate islands with seating for guests are becoming more and more common. These designs allow homeowners to entertain guests and enjoy the ambiance of wine and conversation over preparing a meal or appetizers. With the kitchen no longer relegated to the back of the home, stylish granite counters and colorful back splashes are also quickly becoming the stars of the space. Designer ovens, wine refrigerators and large, well-organized pantries are other attractive features being added, making the home more convenient for entertaining and more desirable for buyers.

Tiled Showers

From the living space to the bathroom, tiles are surging back as the design option of choice in the shower. The classic plastic and fiberglass insert showers have fallen from favor, especially as people have become more and more accustomed to them and seen how they can fall apart after years or use or with a slight slip or fall. Tiles provide a more elegant and permanent solution, creating a bathroom space that feels more luxurious and permanent. Available in a variety of colors, tiles can create stark spaces or blending different tile selections can create accented style and design. Plus, whereas a damaged plastic shower will often require a complete replacement, a broken or cracked tile can be replaced simply at a fraction of the cost.
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