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Hot Neighborhoods for 2016

There are many factors involved in choosing a new home, but one of the top concerns is location. Everyone has that ideal locale in their mind and The Price Group is ready to help make your real estate dreams come true. If you are looking for value, selecting from two of these top forecasted neighborhoods in 2016 will be a great choice for you!
Looking for a property that is likely to increase in value? Check out Seminole Heights. According to the Tampa Bay Times, homes in Seminole Heights are forecasted to rise in value by 4.7 percent this year. Not only is this neighborhood close to downtown Tampa, there are many historic attractions and independent businesses to give the community a unique and inviting charm. In addition to a wide array of restaurants and brewpubs, you will be close to many beautiful beaches and large parks. This hidden gem offers many tidy neighborhoods and fantastic schools. Check out our listings to start searching for your ideal home where you can unwind and enjoy the perks of living in an up-and-coming city.
Snell IsleIf you are shopping for waterfront property, Snell Isle is the perfect neighborhood for you. With many small homes being expanded in this area, overall property values are predicted to rise 4.3 percent in this peaceful residential community. Not only does Snell Isle have well-kept properties, but the community also offers a diverse variety of amenities for your entertainment such as Snell Isle Park Plaza. This family-friendly city has a wide spectrum of architectural features, ranging from classic European to Spanish-inspired designs. Take a look at our properties listings to see some of the current homes available and start finding just what you’ve been looking for in this delightful neighborhood!
Florida has many paradises for you to explore as you browse for your new home. Let The Price Group take away your stress by helping you find the hottest houses with opportunities for growth. We are happy to help you find the perfect home that’s within your budget and in the right neighborhood for you. Whether you want a quaint place to relax or a spacious home to raise your family, give us a call at 727-851-6189 today and let’s get started on finding your dream house.