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Termites – Fumigate or Spot-treat for termites… which is best for your house?

If you ARE ONE of the lucky homeowners this year that DID NOT see any termite wings or evidence of their presence…..well congratulations!!

Unfortunately their are MILLIONS OF HOMEOWNERS around the nation that saw termites flying around their homes and/ or found evidence of wings on a window sill or sawdust droppings near a door / window frame.  This occurrence of having termites in their house is like lighting a stick of dynamite and not knowing how long it will be before the dynamite detonates.

The ‘stick of dynamite’ analogy brings up good questions like:  “How long have they been here? ….. Is it that I just have not ever noticed them before?”    “I wonder where they are feeding that I don’t even know about?”    

Unfortunately with termites, you see a few here and there…but there is absolutely NO DOUBT that the colony of termites embedded inside your home’s wooden structure supports is in the tens of thousands and growing every day exponentially!!!!

What do you do when this happens to you?  Well the cost-efficient homeowner would call Geiger’s Pest Services for a free inspection and estimate on solving their problem.  After the inspection, Geiger’s would give the results to the homeowner…..and those results 99.9% of the time are that you need to fumigate your home.  Fumigation is one of the best things you can do for your house…it kills all the bugs to include dry wood termites.  We all want to live in a bug free home…right?

Some pest companies would recommend you to ‘spot treat’ for termites! This spot method  is only a ploy to create a money stream for their company….this ‘treatment’ would continue and continue until one day the home owner finally sees the light and determines that what they have been doing for  termite control is not effective!  The money the homeowner spent on ‘spot treatments’ could have probably paid for a fumigation job and established a quarterly pest control contract for a year!

Do yourself, your home and your pocketbook a favor…..if you have termites and want to get rid of them…call Geiger’s!  We want to complete the job so you are happy.
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