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Flood Insurance FAQ's

Many older homes in flood zones have long benefited from a subsidy that kept flood insurance rates very low. Starting next month, those homeowners will typically see annual rates jump more than 25 percent, including a fee for a new reserve fund.

Can you do anything to fight higher rates? Yes!

– Obtain an elevation certificate to show how high your home is compared with flood levels. There is an initial cost, but it may help reduce your rate.
Murphy’s Land Surveying specialize in surveys and elevation certificates,

Review your flood zone maps to see your property’s current flood risk and how close it is to a potential change in risk status if a new map is adopted.

And don’t let your policy lapse, this could be a trigger for a big rate increase.

Call Rachel Keeser at Commonwealth Insurance of Seminole on 727-392-1090 or email
and she will be happy to give you a competitive flood quote after you have an elevation certificate.

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