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Take Five: Cage Brewing St Petersburg, Florida

Take Five_ Cage Brewing St Petersburg, Florida

Take Five: Cage Brewing


Take Five: Cage Brewing St Petersburg, Florida


Over in the Grand Central District you’ll find a converted auto-body shop and diner with a sign that says Cage Brewing. Once you’re inside you’ll find a quirky, artsy, and relaxed atmosphere and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been here before, or why it’s taken you so long to come back. The location was important to the owner because he loved the old Florida feel and vibe, and it shows within Cage’s walls. They didn’t replace or change a lot of the old history of the building, paying homage to what it once was. When it came time to name the brewery, Cage only seemed fitting.  They started out in Treasure Island in a tiny space where regulations required they lock up the brewery area and tanks. Because they didn’t have room to spare, they used chain link fence and around the area and locked it in its own “Cage”. “We could not keep up with production in such a small location so we decided to go big so we now have a big brewery only with a bigger Cage,” the owner laughed.


Cage is one of four breweries within walking distance of Grand Central and Kenwood, but it’s charm and events set it apart. Not only can you find a wide selection of craft beer and knowledgeable staff, but there are free old school arcade games, two bar spaces, one indoors where it’s nice and cool for those dreaded summer nights and one outdoors where the party is,but you can also see amazing live performance by some of Tampa Bay’s best local acts. Cage also hosts art shows and gives Tampa Bay artists a chance to show off their work and has regular food trucks available so there’s no need to go anywhere else when you get hungry.


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Visit: 2001 1st Ave S
Call: 727-201-4278

Take Five: Flying Boat Brewing Co St Petersburg, Florida

Take Five: Flying Boat Brewing Co St Petersburg, Florida

Take Five: Flying Boat Brewing Co St Petersburg, Florida


Drink Locally, Charitably, Flying Boat Brewing Co.

Flying Boat Brewing Co is St Petersburg, Florida’s first real neighborhood brewery located in the Woodlawn community. The atmosphere from the neighborhood vibe draws a laid back, welcoming vibe with an informative design. It’s kind of like walking into the least pretentious most comfortable aviation museum on Earth. With beer. On the walls you’ll find loads of St Pete aviation history, including their namesake the flying boat which was the first ticketed commercial flight ever right here in our town. The team at worked closely with the St Pete Museum of History to dig up old photos and facts about this historic event and lined their walls with it. For anyone visiting the area wanting to get the ultimate St Pete culture lesson, this is your place.

And the beer doesn’t suck, either. Far from it. Head brewer, Tyler Singletary, takes pleasure in crafting beers from the early 1900s themed after St Pete people and places. His favorite is the Greens Lantern IPA, which he jokingly says he brews just for himself. But just as they say you shouldn’t trust a skinny chef, you probably wouldn’t trust someone who didn’t drink their own beer, right? “I don’t brew anything I don’t want to drink,” Tyler says. If you’re not sure what you like, the knowledgeable staff can help you navigate all the options. They also have a flight (get it?) option that serves four 4 ounce beers in a, you guessed it, flying boat. If you’re not a beer drinker, they’ve also got kombucha and sparkling water on tap.


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All this will seem obvious to you as you enter the brewery. Two things you may not see are their event spaces and charity contributions.

Flying Boat Brewing Co is one of St Pete’s best kept secrets for events. They have the regular brewery-style happenings like trivia, but they also cater to you or your company’s event as well. You can rent their upstairs conference room, or have your party set up in the brewery space. What’s more is the group donates a portion of all beer sales to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.


Follow them on Facebook: @FlyingBoatBrewing
Visit: 1776 11th Ave N
Call: 727-800-2999
Book your event here.